Blue Leaf Red Hot Poker Perennial 2020
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Learn how to grow Red Hot Poker plant aka Torch Lily. Includes info on where and when to plant this flowering perennial, as well as proper spacing, watering,. Adding drama in the late season garden, Kniphofia 'Bees' Lemon' Red Hot Poker is a showy clump-forming perennial with terminal spikes of tubular, bright yellow flowers from mid to late summer. Opening from lime green buds, the flowers bloom upwards from the base of the spike over several weeks, guaranteeing a long-lasting floral display. Common Name: Red Hot Poker. A "backdraft" happens when fire explodes with the presence of new oxygen, and this Kniphofia definitely explodes onto the scene of your garden. Very wide flower spikes bear intense reddish orange flowers that open to peachy yellow for a two-tone effect. A brand new genus for Proven Winners® Perennials!

Red Hot Poker is a large, hardy perennial lily to about 1.5m from southern Africa. It has a thick clumping habit, and will tolerate most conditions. A garden ornamental, currently heavily promoted as ‘water-wise’. Stiff, slightly fleshy narrow leaves to 90cm long rise from the base. Red Hot Poker, Blue Leaf Most of the Red Hot Pokers are grown for their flower however this varioety also has spectacular tufts of blue-green narrow foliage. The flower is the same great bottle brush flower and is reddish on top orange in the middle and yellow on the bottom. Common Name: Red Hot Poker. Unlike a poker player, this plant is more than happy to show you all of its fantastic cards: useful garden height, vigor in the landscape, and a rich flower color. Red-orange flower spikes appear above a substantial clump of grass-like foliage. Plump, bottlebrush flowers on 3-4' tall stems in scorching hot colors of scarlet, orange or yellow appear over attractive mounds of slender, arching leaf blades. Red Hot Poker brings considerable interest to the garden and large containers. This mixture blooms earlier than others. Blossoms are adored by hummingbirds and butterflies. These tough plants tolerate heat and drought and are.

Also known as Red-hot-Poker, these are easy to grow in the garden so long as the soil is well-drained, particularly in winter. Plants form a big clump of grassy leaves that remain evergreen in milder regions. This mixture produces large bottlebrush heads in a range of shades, including yellow, orange and flame red. Stems are wonderful for cutting. Shop Plants A-Z. We grow over 1,000 varieties of perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses and shrubs. Browse our entire list of offerings below, by either common name or genus. All plant imagery and information is for information purposes only, intended to represent what you might find at the nursery. All content images are copyrighted by us for exclusive use on this site only. Please contact Palm Island Nursery for questions regarding any plants you see on this site.

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