Brigade In A Sentence Sentence Examples By Cambridge 2020
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brigade in a sentence Sentence examples by Cambridge.

Examples of brigade in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: In response, armed guards are now accompanying the mobile brigades. - Communes, brigades and teams were responsible not only for agricultural production but also for many other important community affairs. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. These brigades train on a mechanised basis in peace, except that the battery staffs may be horsed if the brigade commander thinks it desirable.

Examples of armoured brigade in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: That is a part of the support for the armoured brigade. - That entailed the withdrawal of the armoured brigade from the advantageous position which it had attained. Examples of bucket brigade in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: The only way to fight a fire was for men to form a bucket brigade. - All hands Cambridge Dictionary Plus. The war organization of the home establishment, with its general and special reserves, aimed at the mobilization and despatch overseas of 6 army divisions, each of 12 battalions in 3 brigade s; 9 field batteries in 3 brigade s, a brigade of 3 field howitzer batteries, and a heavy battery, each with the appropriate ammunition columns; 2 field companies and telegraph company R.E.; 2 companies.

Examples of overwhelming success in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: Small-scale producers have been gradually squeezed out of the pork industry due to the overwhelming success of the vertically integrated corporate model. In 1934, however, he returned to India on exchange as brigade major of the 8th Indian Brigade. Eden fought in the First World War, ending it as the youngest brigade major in the British Army. Later he commanded a tank battalion, an armored brigade and the First Cavalry Division. Example Sentences. What is an example sentence for brigade? 1 2 3. Answer. Wiki User 07/20/2010. The brigade headquarters can control up to six battalions of field artillery. Related Questions.

services; the balloon establishment; the detention barracks; fire brigade stations; five churches; recreation grounds for officers and men; schools; and especially the military technical schools of army cooking, gymnastics, signalling, ballooning and of mounted infantry, Army Service Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps and veterinary duties. Having settled at Cambridge in 1796, Gregory first acted as sub-editor on the Cambridge Intelligencer, and then opened a bookseller's shop. In 1802 he obtained an appointment as mathematical master at Woolwich through the influence of Charles Hutton, to whose notice he had been brought by a manuscript on the "Use of the Sliding Rule"; and when.

Use brigade in a sentence brigade sentence examples.

Sentence for brigade Use brigade in a sentence.The brigade was formed in four battalions, two in front and two in rear. 7 The brigade was in camp, with headquarters in a grove of immense trees. 1 The attack, which was made upon an unknown position and across unfamiliar ground, was led by our brigade. Example Sentences for "brigade ".In other cases, the appeal is to something specifically American or peculiarly British, as in the ad that referred to a popular brand of matches as The Light Brigade and to its price as The Charge. Example sentences with the brigade, a sentence example for brigade, and how to make brigade in sample sentence.

How to use battalion in a sentence. Example sentences with the word battalion. battalion example sentences. battalion Sentence Examples. Each army corps consists in principle of two infantry divisions, one cavalry brigade. How to use tirade in a sentence. Example sentences with the word tirade. tirade example sentences. tirade Sentence Examples. On Saturday from one of our car brigade there was a tirade against the train as unreliable. 0. 0. I got out the grave registers and I listed all the men of my regiment who are buried at Bayeux and Caen.: She's amused by all the intimations that her new husband has partied down with what may be a regiment of loose women.: Stuart Hills, a British officer with an armoured regiment, finished the war deep in Germany.: In Richmond, Virginia's Chimborazo Hospital, male administrators used the.

How to use "brigade" in a sentence.

A similar combined arms battalion is the centerpiece of the future unit of action.: If you are the medical platoon leader for an infantry or armor battalion task force, you are expected to have what you need to treat patients.: As snow continued to fall in January and February, the battalion was kept busy plowing access roads to the sites.: The battalion 600 yards behind us, a support group. The exercises saw successful missile launches, artillery firing and torpedo runs. Most of the shells fired by artillery guns were high explosive shells which could throw shrapnel over a wide distance in the trenches.: The walls had rounded angles with semicircular projecting bastions for artillery with an entrance on the south side.: Anti-armour and anti-aircraft missiles may still be operated.

How to use brigade in a sentence. The brigade list of example sentences with brigade. 593 sentence examples: 1. Dial 999 to call the fire brigade. 2. The fire brigade attended the blaze. 3. Get everyone out and call the fire brigade. 4. The fire brigade have put out a blaze in a local post office. 5. The fire had burnt out before the.

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