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Nomenclature of Coordination Compounds • Anionic ligands end in “o”; • neutral ligands are not changed. • Prefixes = number of each ligand. • If the name of the ligand itself has such a prefix, alternatives like bis-, tris-, etc., are used. Coordination compounds Ligands: Any species capable of donating a pair of electrons to metal is called a ligand. This ligand is an ion which can either be negatively or positively charged, or a neutral molecule. Coordination complexes are composed of ligands surrounding a central metal atom or ion. The coordinate complex itself consists of a transition metal atom or ion and the surrounding ligands. The coordinate complex is always enclosed in square brackets, [ ].

1. In naming the entire complex, the name of the cation is given first and the anion second just as for sodium chloride, no matter whether the cation or the anion is the complex species. 2. In the complex ion, the name of the ligand or ligands precedes that of the central metal atom. This procedure is reversed from writing formulae. 3. The name of the coordination compound neutral, cationic or anionic begins with the names of the ligands. The metal is listed next, following in parentheses by the oxidation state of the metal. Rule 3. The name of the complex is sodium hexachloroplatinate IV, and the coordination number is six. b The coordination sphere has a charge of 3− based on the potassium and the oxalate ligands each have a charge of 2−, so the metal oxidation state is given by −3 = −6x, and this is an iron III complex.

Nomenclature and terminology. Coordination complexes are so pervasive that their structures and reactions are described in many ways, sometimes confusingly. The atom within a ligand that is bonded to the central metal atom or ion is called the donor atom. In a typical complex, a metal ion is bonded to several donor atoms, which can be the same. Hapticity is the coordination of a ligand to a metal center via an uninterrupted and contiguous series of atoms. The hapticity of a ligand is described with the Greek letter η 'eta'. For example, η 2 describes a ligand that coordinates through 2 contiguous atoms. In general the η-notation only applies when multiple atoms are coordinated otherwise the κ-notation is used. Learn coordination nomenclature with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 53 different sets of coordination nomenclature flashcards on Quizlet. There is a huge class of compounds where organic molecules are attached to a metal in the same way. With larger conjugated $\pi$-systems, we may have ligands of $\eta^5$ coordination look up ferrocene and more, all the way to $\eta^8$ and maybe beyond that. 15 Nomenclature & Coordination Chem January 13 Nomenclature Rules, chemical Formulas: 1. The cation is written before the anion. 2. The charge of the cations is balanced by the charge of the anions. 3. For the complex ion, neutral ligands are written before anionic ligands negative charge, and the whole ion is placed in brackets.

Coordination Compounds - calculation for a complex coordination sphere Coordination Compounds - Study of Oxidation State of an Element in a Complex Coordination Compounds - IUPAC rules of nomenclature of coordination compounds.

coordination theory and the naming of coordination compounds using additive nomenclature. Each coordination compound either is, or contains, a coordination entity or complex that consists of a central atom to which other groups are bound. While these concepts have usually been applied to metal compounds, a wide range of other.

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