Holden Cardcardcard Ro Item 2020
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Holden Card RO - Ragnarok Online.

LUK2 [ Raggler & Zipper Bear & Muka & Baby Leopard]STR4 Maximum HP and SP7% Inflict 20% more damage with Mammonite. Gain 1 SP every time when the user receives Physical attack on the enemies. [Alchemist, Biochemist]Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Adrenaline Rush on the user when attacking. Add a chance of gaining "Glistening Coat" or "Stem" each time a monster is killed. Holden Card, Ragnarok item de tipo Carta: Luk 2 Alchemist Card Set Zipp. Ragial is a Ragnarok Online fan site that offers real time market information, server population, price history, and merchant vend history. It currently supports iRO and fRO. Ragial - Holden Card รหัสมอนสเตอร์ ชื่อมอนสเตอร์ โอกาสตก เลเวลมอนสเตอร์.

SOR 2. Conjunto [Carta Muka] [Carta Zipper] [Carta Raggler] [Carta Leopardo Filhote] FOR 4. HP e SP máx. 7%. Dano de [Mammonita] 20%. A cada ataque físico: Recupera 1 de SP. Alquimistas e evoluções: Ao realizar ataques físicos, 1% de chance de autoconjurar [Adrenalina Pura] nv. 1. Ao derrotar monstros, chance de derrubar Frasco de Revestimento e Caule. A chance of gaining 'Old Purple Box' each time a monster is killed. Alchemist Card Set Zipper Bear Card Baby Leopard Card Raggler Card Muka Card Holden Card Str 4 20% Mammonite Damage 1 SP per attack. 7% Max HP/SP Alchemist Class Bonus: A chance of auto casting level 1 Adrenaline Rush when attacking physically.

Apr 03, 2016 · Hello Everyone, When researching in order to determine a way to make plant farming more efficient see here, I went through the item db and compiled a list of all equipment and cards that cause monsters to drop items. This thus is not really a conventional guide, its. 仙境傳說RO透視鏡 - 歡迎光臨「仙境傳說RO. holden card str 4 20% mammonite damage 1 sp per attack. 7% max hp/sp alchemist class bonus: a chance of auto casting level 1 adrenaline rush when attacking physically. a low chance of obtaining glistening coat and/or. ROGuard - Ragnarok Mobile Fansite. © 2017 - 2019.

Nov 20, 2018 · 2017 additional stats Adventurer Alchemist apk auction bard card cat christmas collection Cooking EP1.0 equipment eternal love event fashion gacha glast heim goblin guide guild GVG interface item job King Poring list maintenance mercenary mobile new generation pet popular quest ragnarok rank ro skill skill translation sneak peek thief. Set bonus with Raggler Card, Myst Case Card, Zipper Bear Card, Hylozoist Card:. Luk 10; Increases the damage inflicted with [Mammonite] by 20%. Removes the draining of SP when attacking. Restores 1 SP to the user when physically attacking.

仙境傳說RO透視鏡|物品|摩爾卡片 Holden Card.

divine- Item - Baby Leopard Card.

Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Much thanks guys. Bug. This is an album of Cards that increase your Luck stat as in chance of landing critical hits, not luck in getting rare drops and the like. Contents[show] Card Combos Injustice & Zherlthsh Combo Effect: LUK3. ATK20. Baby Leopard, Raggler, Zipper Bear, Hylozoist & Myst Case Combo Effect. General Overview. Accessories are are items which are usually slotted. Most are not sold by NPCs.Accessories usually give little to no DEF.Accessories cannot be upgraded. For a list of accessory recommendations, please check the Equipment Accessories section. Accessories List.

Holden Cardcardcard Ro Item 2020

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