I O Module Codes Ca 1® Tape Management System 14.0 2020
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By clicking here, you understand that we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. For more details, please see our Cookie Policy. ×. CA 1® Tape Management System 14.0. PDF. Language. English. Product Menu. This section also contains information about the most frequently encountered system and user abends under CA 1. After the explanation of each abend message, information follows that aids in problem resolution. information follows that aids in problem resolution. CA 1® Tape Management System 14.0. PDF. Language. English. Product Menu Release Information. View changes made in the current release. View All. Getting Started. Provides an overview of features and basic use of this product. View All. Installing. Provides steps to. IEFTMS77 WARNING CA 1 OSI NOT INSTALLED, TAPE I/O NOT BEING TRACKED PROPERLY. Reason: The CA 1 OSI was not successfully installed during a request to activate CA 1 with TMSINIT. Tape tracking cannot be performed. Action: Review other messages issued by L0E0INIT and CAIRIM. Correct and rerun TMSINIT.

Apr 12, 2018 · mount message Reason: The requested mount does not fall under the Tape Management System scratch pools election. Action: Mount the tape specified in the VOLSER portion of the system message. This section describes two system abends that may be encountered during CA 1 initialization or while tracking tape processing. S0yy. Reason: This abend occurs during TMSINIT processing. yy reflects the CA 1 SVC number assigned to CA 1 in hexadecimal format. For example, if you specified decimal 241 for the SVC, the system abend is S0F1. CA 1® Tape Management System 14.0. PDF. Language. English. Product Menu. Locate the return code rc under the proper system abend code nyy for a description of the problem and its resolution. ca1tms. Module from which the abend originated. These operation codes are valid to the TMC/AUDIT I/O.

CA Technologies Product References This document references the following CA Technologies products: CA 1® Tape Management CA 1 CA 7® Job Management CA 7 A AF2™ for z/OS A AF2 CA ASM2® Backup and RestoreCA ASM2 CA Disk® Backup and Restore CA Disk A Earl™ A Earl CA Roscoe® Interactive Environment CA Roscoe. Abend codes CA 1 User Abends IEFTMS50 - Realtime Abends IEFTMS70 - TMC/AUDIT I/O Abends. IEFTMS71 IEFTMS72 IEFTMS73 realtime IEFTMS50 Realtime abends system System Abends TMC/Audit I/O TMSINIT TMSRULD TMSXTEND. ACCODE 2xx-rc UNABLE TO PROCESS A SECONDARY DATA SET. I/O Module Codes IEBDYN00 IEBDYN01 IEBDYN02 IEBDYN20. CA 1® Tape Management CA 1. CA TLMS Tape Management CA TLMS A Vtape™ Virtual Tape System A Vtape VTS Contact CA Technologies Contact CA Support For your convenience, CA Technologies provides one site where you can access the information you need for your Home Office, Small Business, and Enterprise CA. Jan 15, 2015 · CA 1 Tape Management default system password is common with all CA 1 systems. With this password, CA 1 tape processing can be deactivated. This could allow for unauthorized access to information stored on tape volumes and the CA 1 Tape Management Catalog TMC. For r11.5 and below refer to offset x'18' from the beginning of module TMSTMVT. Tim Fisher has 30 years' professional technology support experience. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire.

Dec 21, 2016 · Finding ID Severity Title Description; V-17072: Medium: CA 1 Tape Management TMC, AUDIT and optional RDS and VPD data sets will be properly protected. CA 1 Tape Management TMC and AUDIT and optional data sets control the operations and access to the tape management system, and site specific information regarding tape volumes. Jan 16, 2015 · CA 1 special tape handling privileges offer the ability to process special tape requirements, such as BLP and foreign tapes. Uncontrolled access to these CA 1 features and facilities may threaten the integrity and availability of the CA 1 tape management system, and compromise the confidentiality of customer data.

70 - Tape Management Database Synchronization Report 71 - CA 1 CA Dynam/T Interface Update Report 72 - CA 1 CA Dynam/T Interface Exception Report 73 - CA 1 CA Dynam/T Interface Queue Format Report 74 - Check Levels of CA 1 LPA and Link List Modules. 80 - Report Field Definitions TMS Report 80 - Report Field Definitions. Operating Systems Part 1. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. stephb_73. UWO CS 3305. there is no thread management code in the application level, simply and application programming interface to the kernel thread facility. I/O modules and system bus. Distributed Operating Systems. The 2016 update to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards focuses on several key areas to improve the energy efficiency of newly constructed buildings and additions and alterations to existing buildings.

CA 1® Tape Management System 14.0. PDF. Language. English. Product Menu. Action: See I/O Module Codes for an explanation of the function code FN, the return code RC, the reason code RS, and the feedback code FB. The values of these codes are in hexadecimal format. This is an informative message and is accompanied by other CAG8. Mar 26, 2013 · stewart Quigley: The CA or "conditional access" module containing the viewing card plugs into the slot in the TV to enable subscription services to be accessed, if you open the undermentioned link it will give you an idea of what I am referring to. Top Up TV Freeview CAM & TopUp Viewing Card for ESPN Sport NEW eBay. View Notes - CA-1 Tape Procedures from FINANCE 123 at Lethbridge College. CA-1 Procedures From the ISPF main menu, either type TLS or E.T to get to this menu. To inquire on tape information, type 1.

  1. CA 1® Tape Management System - 14.0. Documentation powered by DocOps. results are available. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. Use Enter to open the page. Use Escape to close the list and return to the search input. I/O Module Codes. Last update April 15, 2015. FUNCTION CODES 00 00 NOT VALID FUNCTION 04 04 OPEN ACCESS TO DATA.
  2. CA 1® Tape Management System 14.0. PDF. Language. English. Product Menu I/O Module Codes. I/O Module Codes. ca1tms. FUNCTION CODES 00 00 NOT VALID FUNCTION 04 04 OPEN ACCESS TO DATA 08 08 CLOSE ACCESS TO DATA.

Return to Catalog Home Return to Curriculum Listing CA 1 Tape Management - Identifying and Resolving Media Problems Duration. 5 hours. Overview. The CA 1® Tape Management - Identifying and Resolving Media Problems course describes the structure of the CA 1 Tape Management system, its chaining process, AIVS and tape stacking facilities, problem determination, and the utilities available. CA-1. Tape Library Management, market leader in the management, control and protection of tape data sets and volumes. It automates tape management tasks while ensuring protection against the inadvertent destruction of tape files. It includeS a Windows graphical management interface. Fix Text F-19979r1_fix The IAO will work with the systems programmer to verify that the following are properly specified in the ACP. Ensure that the CA 1 Tape Management command resource access is in accordance with those outlined in CA 1 Command Resources table in the zOS STIG Addendum. Dec 21, 2016 · CA 1 Tape Management offers multiple external security interfaces that are controlled by parameters specified in TMOOPT00. These interfaces provide security controls for several CA 1 system and user functions. Without proper controls of these sensitive functions, the integrity of the CA 1 Tape Management System and the confidentiality of data.

Usually, there is a separate database management system that is independent of the operating system, although that system may make use of some file management programs. the logical I/O module deals with file records. Logical I/O provides a general-purpose record I/O capability and maintains basic data about files. It deals with blocks. CA 1 Tape Management installation data sets have the ability to use privileged functions and/or have access to sensitive data. Failure to properly restrict access to these data sets could result in violating the integrity of the base product which could result in compromising the operating system or sensitive data. EMC DLM Tape Library. Which robotic or virtual tape system to notify is based on the TMROBTY field in the TMC. If you define the EMC DLM as a manual tape library, CA 1 CTSSYNC Utility supports for the EMC DLM. Use the CTSSYNC utility to communicate with OAM using LCS services for the EMC DLM manual tape library.

Aug 27, 2018 · results are available. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. Use Enter to open the page. Use Escape to close the list and return to the search input.CA 1® Tape Management System 14.0. PDF. Language. CA 1 Common Condition Codes. This section describes common condition codes issued by CA 1 batch utilities. A reason for the condition code is given, and a recommended action is provided to aid in problem resolution. The SYSPRINT DD is missing from the JCL of a CA 1 utility. Add the.

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