5 Common Restaurants On Phu Quoc Island

5 common restaurants in Phu Quoc
5 common restaurants in Phu Quoc

This is preview of 5 common restaurants on Phu Quoc island. If you have a chance to visit Phu Quoc, let enjoy the moment in these restaurants.

Buddy Ice Cream

According to New Zealanders, Australians have a bad habit of stealing their celebrities and accomplishments and their culture. Consequently, New Zealanders may be disgruntled to see an Australian selling their ice cream at Buddy Café in Duong Dong. Everyone else is, however, delighted. You can get ice cream for 20,000 Dong (US$1) a scoop at this café, which is owned by an Aussie guy Rohan and his Vietnamese wife Duong. They also make milkshakes and toasted sandwiches, in the Australian style.  You won’t often find places as fresh and clean as this in outback Vietnam.

Chez Carole

Chez Carole- A restaurant on Tran Hung Dao Street in Phu Quoc
Chez Carole – A restaurant on Tran Hung Dao Street in Phu Quoc

Along with all the Australian, British and German ex-pats running restaurants and bars on Phu Quoc, there is also a Frenchman. Chez Carole is run by a French-Vietnamese couple, and has become well known as the place to get wood-fired pizza. While some travelers call the Chez Carole pizzas glorified burnt pancakes with no taste, others claim they are the best pizzas they have ever eaten. Read this blogpost Orphelia and Peter for an independent citizen’s review. Other foods on the menu at Chez Carole include the beef and bacon hamburger. A Filipino band provides the soundtrack.

Le Bistrot

For those looking for a social scene, Le Bistrot is a natural magnet. There is good music here until late, and free pool too! As in many Vietnamese bars, the pool table takes center stage, and there is always a game going on. As you might guess from the name, Le Bistrot is a French-run establishment and plenty of French tourists make a beeline here. The menu offers French and international food, Australian beef and home-made lasagna. If you get tired of pho for breakfast every day, enjoy the muesli and cereal here.

Le Deauville

How many restaurants in the world allow you to eat seafood where it should be eaten, which is on the beach in reach of the waves? Phu Quoc seems to make a specialty of this kind of dining, and from your table at Le Deauville on Long Beach you can watch the sunset on the beach while your meal is being cooked nearby. Wafting from the sand will come the aroma of seafood sizzling on a hot barbeque plate. As its name might suggest, Le Deauville is a French restaurant, and its owner is said to be a Frenchman named Olivier. Furthermore, the staff are supposed to speak English and French as well as Vietnamese.

Ai Xiem

Food in Ai Xiem Restaurant
Food in Ai Xiem Restaurant

Where else in the world can you eat gourmet food in a restaurant that is not only outdoors, but actually located on the beach? Phu Quoc is this kind of place. Ai Xiem Restaurant is literally set on the beach, Bai Sao Beach to be exact, with white sand beneath the tables and all the waiters and waitresses buzzing around barefoot. Diners sit only a few meters from the lapping waves. When you finished, the done thing here is to lie back in a hammock under the trees and doze. Huge tiger prawns compete with barracuda on the menu. To get here, follow the paved road a few kilometers north of An Thoi and look for the ‘My Lan’ sign on the right, which leads down a rugged dirt track to the beach.


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