A Day of Diving in Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam diving grand tour
Vietnam diving grand tour

Phu Quoc is a real get away from the crowds and noise of mainland Vietnam. This relatively undiscovered part of the country is fast becoming a hot-spot for tourism. Diving and snorkeling around the warm waters of Phu Quoc takes place on the North-Western side of the island or around the small archipelago to the South. Diving is only really acceptable between October-April. The best location for diving truly depends on the prevailing winds, which unfortunately can change quickly, so our expert local knowledge is somewhat essential! Due to the Islands proximity to the Mekong delta region visibility is rarely as clear as found in high season in Nha Trang + Whale Island. However the nutritious run off from the Mekong and the constantly warm water temperatures give Phu Quoc some excellent hard coral growth.

Snorkelling  in Phu Quoc Island
Snorkelling in Phu Quoc Island

1 Trips run on the morning to avoid the typically rougher seas in the afternoon. The day starts with hotel + divecentre pick-ups between 7-7.15am.. After pick-up you will be transferred to the harbour in Duong Dong. Please ensure you order a Take Away breakfast from your Hotel the night before.
2 Journey time to Northern dive sites takes around 1 hour 30 minutes, to the South journeys take around 2 hours 30 minutes. On board you will receive a boat briefing introducing you to your PADI Professional for the day and they in turn will give you full equipment and dive or snorkel briefings for the sites we will visit.

Getting around on Phu Quoc
Getting around on Phu Quoc

3 Once at the dive site we will gear up for your in-water adventure; be it diving, snorkelling, or participating in any one of the PADI courses we have available through our 5 Star IDC Centre.
4 During your surface intervals we will move the boat to another location. During this time you can relax on the sun deck, help yourself to drinking water and/or some exotic freshly prepared fruit. During your break your equipment will be readied for your next dive by your guide. After your break jump back in to the warm waters around Phu Quoc for another adventure.
5 After diving/snorkelling to the South, we serve a freshly prepared hot cooked Vietnamese lunch on the boat during your return journey. We typically return to harbour at approximately 1pm from the North or 5:00pm from the South. On the return journey your Divemaster or Instructor will help you to fill in your log books along with going through our on board FISH ID books. Once we have arrived back at the harbour you will be transferred back to the Divecentre.


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