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Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is a natural and paradise island, It is so exciting when you discover it yourself. In Fact, there are many ways to explore the paradise island.

Walking : One of the joys of the top-rated Long Beach accommodations is that everything is so accessible. Base yourself at Mai House or the Tropicana and you can walk to everything and happily fill a three or four day holiday doing nothing at all. Camp down at La Veranda and you might not emerge.

Walking on Beach
Walking on Beach
Motorbike : There’s no doubt about it, if you’re young enough (at heart anyway) you’ve got to try seeing some of Phu Quoc on a motorbike. They can be hired for USD5-12 a day from your hotel/resort. There is no paperwork, no insurance, and no deposits. You negotiate if you break or lose your bike. There is a request that you refill with fuel when you finish. Roads are mostly red dirt and full of potholes.
Motobike in Phu Quoc
Motobike in Phu Quoc

As in much of Asia, there are no traffic rules in the usual European or North American sense: you are responsible for not hitting anybody or anything, and you are responsible for anyone else hitting you, and that’s about it. You are supposed to drive on the right, but not everybody always does that. So there you have it, not entirely safe, but an awful lot of fun. Don’t fret too much if you run out of petrol or get a flat tyre. You’ll be amazed how fast a local will stop to help you. Puncture repairmen are plentiful on the island and will leap at the chance to come to your aid for a small fee.

If you do find yourself in a bit of strife with your rental, there are a few repair shop on the island that will mend your bike at a price cheaper than at the place you rented it. One place that does this, is Gia Phu at 25 Tran Phu in Duong Dong (Linh- +84 93 813 7988). Depending on the severity of the damage, it could save you a lot of money.
Motorbike taxis are about 200,000-400,000 dong or USD10-20 for a day trip. Be sure to be precise as to how many hours and locations you want to see with the driver. It’s difficult to really lower the price for a half-day or less.

Jeeps : After a motorbike, your next best option is a Jeep with driver. Given you pay for petrol, it can work out a little more than a half or full day’s hire of a taxi, but well worth it. Call Jeep For Rent locally at +84 93 9402 872. USD30 for 6 hr, USD50 for 24 hr.

  • Jeep tour


  • Taxi : Taxis are plentiful in Long Beach, but there can be a tiresome delay. Booking them by the day is often a better bet. They’re more expensive than you might be used to in Saigon. Most taxis use meters, and you pay what the meter shows. Short trips in Duong dong are up to 60,000 dong. For a full day and a given itinerary you make a flat deal, e.g., 650,000 (USD35) for around one-half of the island, which may be what you would end up with also if the meter were running. It seems that you mostly pay for the distance driven; the driver sleeping in the drivers’ hammocks does not cost that much.
  • Boat Trip in Phu Quoc
    Boat Trip in Phu Quoc
  • Boat: Saigon Phu Quoc Resort have their own large boat you can charter from Long Beach. Otherwise all resorts run tours with charter boats. Cost varies depending on number of passengers.


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