Local Phu Quoc Food (Part 2)

Local Phu Quoc Food
Local Phu Quoc Food

The mold is much in Phu Quoc and can chicken mushroom soup or boiled fish select washing, barracuda fish meat to fried fish cooked with mushrooms members must know owl … delicious! Five hundred only grow after the first rains in the mangrove forest. The leaves and bark of melaleuca trees fall into the class of last season has begun into humus layer is developed to five hundred. Spawn was incubated in the humus layer of soil, after the rainy season series, the size of a small round head mushroom finger started getting out from mangrove bark and leaves to protect it from last season. Tram mushrooms gradually sprout and lasted for more than one month.

Mushrooms' Phu Quoc
Mushrooms’ Phu Quoc

In Phu Quoc, Tét cake’s packaged by “Mat Cat” leaves with jade color, fleshy, fatty bean flavor.
Visiting Duong Dong market – the largest street market district of Phu Quoc island – tourists can’t resist many kinds of goods imported from land or from ships. But the most attractive one is still “Mat Cat” Tét cake


Mat Cha's Phu Quoc
Mat Cha’s Phu Quoc

“Mat Cat” is wide spreading plants like palm leaves, grows all over the Ham Ninh mountain. It is often used to make leaf conical hats. But in Phu Quoc, where banana leaves isn’t rare, but do you know why Phu Quoc people use these leaves to wrap Tét cake? The unique addition of “Mat Cat” Tét cakes is not packaged into round shape but the triangle ones.
To pack this cake, Mat Cat leaves is dried, wash and wipe with oil to make it soft. Cooked cakes would have jade color and attractive flavor. Green beans cooked with meat to put inside the cake. You must have good skills to tie the cake and keep it best taste. If you tie too tight, sometimes the cake is raw or dry. If not, the cakes would be full of water. You can store Mat Cat Tet cakes for a long time. The big ones cost 10,000 vnd and 5,000 vnd is the price of the small ones

Fish sauce
Fish sauce

Phu Quoc fish sauce is a sauce made in Phu Quoc, It is one of the famous sauce not only in Vietnam but also known in many countries around the world.
Phu Quoc fish sauce is produced from raw materials of Phu Quoc’s anchovies, with a tradition of 200 years in the profession sauce.


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