Grilled salt and pepper prawns

Grilled prawns
Grilled prawns

Vietnamese cuisine holds a special place in the international culinary panorama thanks to its exquisite combination of flavor and seasonings. With long seaside, Vietnam is famous for seafood. Vietnamese recipes are renewed from popularity so that it suits for every taste bud. If you are looking for an authentic seafood dish, grilled salt and pepper prawn is an excuse to start with.

grilled salt pepper prawns
grilled salt pepper prawns

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How to make grilled salt and pepper prawns

Ingredients: 400 g prawns, chili pepper, minced garlic, lemon juice, salt, seasonings (salt, sugar, chili pepper sauce, oil), lettuce, tomato.


Method: Heat chacoral with a medium heat. Press chili pepper and mix it together with salt, lemon juice, pepper, oil. Marinate prawns with mixed salt and leave it for 30 minutes. Soak skewers into water in 30 minutes to reduce burning of the stick. Skewer about 4 prawns on each wet skewer and grill prawns over charcoal. Sparkle some seasonings while grilling. Grill both sides until firm and golden.

How to serve grilled salt and pepper prawns

Grilled salt and pepper prawns are served on a large dish with slices of tomatoes and lettuce aside. The combination of salt, pepper and original taste of prawns offers a delightful flavor. When eating, try some beer! These prawns are perfect for daily dinner or party.


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