Phu Quoc island where there’s an island there’s fishing, and where’s there’s fishing there’s boats.

Phu Quoc offers abundance of entertainment activities that will thrill on your energy. Organized activities and do-it-yourself activities are designed to meet all aspects of your demands.

Phu Quoc national park
Phu Quoc island is gifted with 99 mountains from north to south with primeval forest which is just the perfect place for hiking and climbing

Phu Quoc
Well, it’s easier than you think! While I was walking around, taking pictures of the colorful Phu Quoc fishing fleet, my coworker negotiated a good price with a local fisherman.

Phu Quoc Island Tourism

Phu quoc island with beautiful beaches, long white sand beaches is regarded as the Pearl island in Vietnam. The beauty of this island always makes a deep impression on nature lovers. Phu Quoc island tourism is a good website for those who are interested in Phu Quoc. You can get different information which positively supports for your vacation. Surely you will know more about interesting activities to take part in, good places to stay, destinations to visit and delicious food to enjoy.

Hotels & Resorts

Dong Xuan Hong hostel

Located in the heart of Long Beach, Dong Xuan Hong Phu Quoc hostel is an ideal place to discover Phu Quoc Island. Situated 1km...
Thai Tan Tien Resort

Address: Long Beach towards the end of the main strecth just beach Beach Club Phone: 077-3847782 Description: With well-sized, clean and functional bungalows, Thai Tan Tien...